VentureFin is an equity and loan crowd-investing platform bridging the gap between investors and businesses.

We at VentureFin play an important role in promoting investment opportunities to investors through expert financial engineering. We provides investors with a diverse scope of national and international investment opportunities, allowing them to connect with entrepreneurs and transform their business. In addition, we facilitate those investments by providing clients with value-added services, such as the VentureFin Entrepreneurship Consultancy, that target their individual needs and exceed their expectations.

VentureFin offers investors the opportunity to invest in three categories; Startups,Existing Companies, and Projects.

With a burgeoning crowd-investing climate globally, VentureFin aims to lead the crowd by providing a platform for high-impact entrepreneurs and investors alike, disrupting the industry. Through our exclusively chosen proposals, we focus on giving the investors the highest value of return on their investments, while giving entrepreneurs access to capital that can transform their bottom line.

VentureFin’s strategic partnership with the world’s largest social business accelerator, the Hult Prize, delivers a unique pipeline of high-impact business proposals from around the globe.

With more than 20,000 business proposals submitted globally competing for the Hult Prize’s USD 1 million in seed-capital to a challenge put forward by President Bill Clinton, in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative and Hult International Business School, Hult Prize is creating sustainable and scalable solutions to the most pressing problems. VentureFin aims to take these game-changing ideas to the next stage by providing access to the next round of capital. VentureFin is also partnered with Envestors, the UAE’s leading private angel network looking for promising, fast-growth companies.


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Team Member





Ibrahim Jaber


Jaber is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of VentureFin. Jaber is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to high-impact entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. He specializes in trade metrics and strategy consultancy. A born businessman, he began his career as an entrepreneur, working in a variety of sectors and businesses from agricultural trade to construction.He has facilitated large oil and gas deals throughout the gulf region and has worked in the metal commodities industry as a broker. Jaber currently sits on the board and is a partner in multiple companies across different industries.



Ahmed Al Qassimi


Al Qassimi is the Chief Investment Officer at VentureFin. Al Qassimi is a serial entrepreneur and advisor to high-impact entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the world. He has worked in a variety of industrial sectors as a trader – both in the stock and commodities markets, tripling his rate of return. He is also the Chief Excecutive Officer for Dubai-based Technovation International.


Joshua Rajkumar


Rajkumar is the Chief Operating Officer of VentureFin. He is a development economics specialist with international experience in the for- and non-profit industries. He is highly skilled in social enterprise project design, implementation, communications, and scalability. Rajkumar is committed to bridging the gap between the organizational efficiency of the private world and the social mission of social enterprises, specializing in social impact measurement. As a result, he co-founded The Sustainability Platform, a social impact consultancy based in Dubai, and heads the Hult Prize for the Middle East and Africa. Joshua holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Journalism from NYU and a Master’s in Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School, and competed in the Hult Prize 2012 finals after winning the European regional finals.



Tena Pick

Director of Advisory

Tena is the Director of Advisory of VentureFin. She is a social impact consultant who is passionate about women’s empowerment, community development and creating shared value for companies and socially conscious consumers. She is based in Dubai with extensive experience in the Middle East, Caribbean, and South and Southeast Asia. She is a Co-founder and CEO of The Sustainability Platform, a social impact consultancy dedicated to integrating social business principles into core business operations. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Entrepreneurship from Hult International Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Economics from VERN University of Applied Science. She is a certified expert author for Training Magazine Middle East.



Yaccine Benmosbah’s


Benmosbah’s passion for the IT industry developed while he was in university, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer and Information Technology and a Bachelor’s of Computer Engineering. His experience in the IT industry include working with companies like QatarGas and Reach International where he incorporated soft skills to compliment his technical side. Subsequently, he entered a 6 months training in both Groupe companies Vilmar (Forging company) and BSL (Stainless Pipe Manufacturer). Moving up in the ranks, he opened a new market for Vilmar as well as got promoted to manager the Vilmar Dubai poll office with his own team of 6 employees. As a last stop under corporate, he joined EEW as their sales and business development manager before moving toward the entrepreneurial space in the fin-tech and app worlds.









Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi is involved in diversified business interests in real estate, construction and investments. Al Qassemi is the Chairman of Barjeel Geojit Securities, a licensed Financial Intermediary offering a range of financial products and services, which is also a member of the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange. Al Qassemi is also a co-founder and partner of Meem Gallery and the Barjeel Art Foundation Sharjah, both commercial and non-commercial entities dedicated to Arab art respectively.

Al Qassemi is also a commentator on Arab affairs and is widely recognized for his use of the popular social networking forums. Rising in prominence during the Arab Spring, his tweets became a major news source, rivalling the major news networks at the time, until TIME magazine listed him in the “140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2011.”



Rehan Pathan

Pathan is a seasoned Bahraini banker and entrepreneur with 20 years of professional experience, mostly in sales and relationship management for global and regional financial institutions. He has worked in and established businesses in Bahrain, Dubai, Cairo and Toronto both for global and local banks as well as independently. Rehan currently is a Partner at Arabesque Partners, which integrates environmental, social and governance data with quantitative investment strategies, and heads Takseem, a leading independent sales and capital raising boutique. He also acts as Chairman for 800 Incorporated, an industry leader in the UAE in roadside assistance and automotive services and is a regular speaker, panelist and moderator at conferences and contributor to thought leading publications. Pathan is a Graduate of Cass Business School and the University of Bahrain.