VentureFin is easy to use, although there are a few things to keep in mind. Once you understand the process you’ll be able to use our site to fund your venture. Crowdfunding is a proven, effective way to secure funds for your project. Crowdfunding unleashes the power of the collective to quickly fund worthy people and ideas.


Our system is designed to award serious investors by giving them the opportunity to make early-term investments in business ideas that have vast potential. Qualified, motivated investors are the key to crowdfunding success.






Start by Registering Your VentureFin Account


Everything begins by registering your account. Once you’ve registered, you’re on your way. Registration is simple. Fill out your information to begin your VentureFin journey. Your registration allows you to browse our system to find the most profitable investments.


Add Funds to Begin Investing


Next you need to fund your VentureFin account. (Mention which forms of payment information are accepted here. Also mention how long funding takes.) All investments are managed by Apex Fund Services after your first transfer into your VentureFin investment account.


All new investors are subject to a KYC (Know Your Customer) check. Additionally, new investors on the platform are required to submit a certified copy of their passport and proof of residency.


Documents should be directed to:


After you’ve added your funds, submit your funding details to your dashboard.


VentureFin Receives Funds and Uploads to Your Account


Once your funds have been received and accounted for, your balance will be available for you to invest in projects you feel strongly about.


Currently, investors at VentureFin have three classes of Investment opportunities to choose from.


  Startups - Startups are Early stage companies that are typically 2 years or younger. This type of investment gives investors the chance to fund projects from the ground up.


  Existing Companies - Existing companies are businesses that have more than 2 years of operating history. This class of business investment is an option for investors who prefer to invest funds in established business with a track record of sound operations.


  Projects - Investors who prefer to earn interest on their investments have the option of funding loans for businesses to finance their operations.



Here's What Happens When You Invest



You’re free to invest in the projects you feel are likely to succeed or capture your attention by scrolling through the Business Proposals, where you will get access to all the enterprise details such as their pitch deck, in-depth financials and projections, team backgrounds. You will also be able to send questions in directly to the entrepreneurs.


Follow Your Investment Strategy


If you feel one meets your investment criteria and is worthy of your investment, VentureFin makes putting money into the project incredibly easy. You can invest in as many - or as few -projects as you wish. Our system makes it easy to find and invest in hot investment opportunities early enough in the investment lifecycle, to strike it big! You no longer have to be left out of investment deals that are typically reserved for insiders and venture capitalists.



If you invest in a project does not achieve its financial goals (Scenario A) within the allowed timeframe of either 60 or 90 days, the funds will return to your VentureFin account and you have two options for how your funds can be used:


   Use the funds to invest in a different project.


   Withdraw your funds from VentureFin.



When your funds are used in a project that reaches its goals within the allotted timeframe of either 60 or 90 days (Scenario B), you’ll receive paperwork to show your financial interest in the project. This completes your VentureFin transaction. You’ll receive your share documents or investor certificates according to the ownership details that were disclosed in the original business proposal. This certifies your interest in an exciting new innovative business venture.


Investors who acquire a minimum 2.5% equity stake in a company offered on VentureFin may sell their shares on VentureFin 3 or 6 years later if the company’s value has increased.