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VentureFin Offers Innovative Financing For Business Ideas


VentureFin is an innovative crowdfunding platform that gets results for savvy entrepreneurs. If you have a sound proposal for your startup, early stage, or growth stage business that will benefit from exposure to our community of investors, feel free to follow our guidelines and submit your proposition.


Advisory Services Get You Off On The Right Foot


If you have a great business idea, but you are not sure how to harness the power of VentureFin, we offer entrepreneurs affordable advisory services to help you with the skills and tools you need to scale your business model quickly and efficiently. We offer reliable and convenient funding options for Startups and Established businesses, as well as loans for Projects.








Register Your Account and Submit Your Details


Sign up for VentureFin and enter your detailed investment proposal to our community of investors. Registering your account with all of your basic information gives you the credentials to submit your project details.


The VentureFin Team Reviews Your Proposal


Our team reviews your proposal to make sure it meets all of our criteria and requirements. We follow a stringent approval process so that only the highest quality projects are listed on VentureFin. We’re sure your project is unique and potentially very profitable and we thank you for your submission.


A Third Party Audit Process Takes Place


After these initial steps, your proposal undergoes an internal and third party audit. Our auditing process is in place to certify that our investors are receiving access to sound investment opportunities in projects that have a great chance of succeeding.



Once proposals are submitted, they are scored on VentureFin’s internally built investment criteria.



What Happens Once My Proposal Is Reviewed?


Once your Proposal has been reviewed, your business plan will be assigned a corresponding score that determines whether it will be made available for investors to support.


 Not Published


Business plans with a score below 60% are rejected and cannot be published. If your project is not accepted, you’ll receive details on why your proposal was rejected. Using this information, you are welcome to make needed revisions and re-submit your proposal for consideration.


 VentureFin Advisory


Business owners or entrepreneurs that have their projects scored at 60% - 80% have the option of going through an advisory process to help bring their project to an investable level.



Scores Above 80% Move on and Are Published


Proposals that score above 80% are published because they have met all of the standard requirements for publication. The entrepreneur’s proposal will be live on the website and can be marketed through social media to gain traffic and support. VentureFin’s internal team also pushes the proposal through its network of investors.

For best results, be sure to provide as much information as possible so those who are reviewing your proposal are in a position to receive full funding. Don’t forget, pitches that are easy to understand and emotionally compelling typically do very well.


After the proposal is published, there are two possible funding outcomes:


Proposal Not Funded in Allotted Timeframe


Investors choose which investments to put their money behind based on their own objectives and the individual merits of the proposal. If your proposal has not been funded within the given timeframe, you will not receive any of the funds you have raised up until that point.


Proposals that are dry, unemotional and overly technical pitches appeal to fewer investors. If you have a story to tell, do so succinctly and you’ll gain loads of interest.


Proposal Funded in Allotted Timeframe


When a proposal is fully-funded, the investment money is available for release. We will finalize the details of your project on our system, deduct commissions and third party fees, and then transfer the money to your business account.