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VentureFin prides itself in not only connecting high-impact ideas with smart capital, but also on providing entrepreneurs with holistic, targeted advisory. Our advisory, both internal and external, focuses on answering the needs of a business depending on the stage its in, as well as where it wants to be in terms of scale and growth.



Our Process


  Initial Screening


Are you raising capital on the VF platform? Do you need to tweak your model to fit the criteria better? At the initial meeting the VF Advisory team will do a diagnosis of your needs and tailor a package to make sure you get the most value out of our Advisory.




Once you choose the package that best suits your needs, the team will start implementing the changes to your strategy, marketing or assisting you with your digital presence. The VF team will bring in external specialists when required to help better your business.




Once the changes are successfully implemented, the VF team will not leave you all alone! We are here to help you track your impact and business operations, as well as to change things that might not work the way you’d like them to!


Areas of Expertise:





            a. VF Advisory team can assist companies with:


                   Growth and scale.


                    Financial sustainability.


                  Maximizing their social impact.


 b. For companies that do not qualify for the raise on the VF platform the VF Advisory team offers a package of services to ensure the criteria for the raise is met.



        2. Network



           a. For companies looking to expand their connections in the Middle Eastern markets,


                  Developing local partnerships.


                  Providing the companies with the local know-how.


                  Tailor-made business and culture workshops for the executive team.


  b. Our goal is to turn the UAE and the rest of the Middle East into a hub for enterprise development. That is not possible without strong connections between VF and the stakeholders in the community. Contact us to explore which doors we can open for you.



         3. Business registration


 While startups raising funds on the VF platform have the option to register in the country they are operating in, we strongly advise our entrepreneurs to explore their options of registering in the UAE. For those businesses that decide to go down that route, we offer


                       Help with deciding on which license suits your business best.


                        Assistance with the registration process.


                       Catalyzing the process of registration for non-registered companies.


        4. Digital Advisory


 Our in-house team of experts is happy to assist you with all of your digital needs, from SEO to Digital Maketing. Contact us to learn more about our digital advisory packages.



        5. Advisory for Social Enterprises


 We pride ourselves in our commitment to businesses with a social impact! We have partnered with The Sustainability Platform, a social impact consultancy with a global reach, to assist social businesses with:


                           Stakeholder engagement


                          Partnerships building


                          Measuring social impact


                          Scaling to new markets


VF Advisory is the official accelerator partner for Ro’Ya 2015 and Dubai Business Women Council. 


VF Advisory is currently working with KenziBox, Higher, MedsConnect, Iris Solutions.